Italy by Euro rail

  1. Rome
  2. Amalfi and Positano
  3. Florence
  4. Venice



As I am writing these names, I remember that the last time I was typing these names I had no idea that I will actually get to visit these places. Being a daydreamer, I used to dream about a euro trip since at least 2 years. Saving 4 lakhs solely for traveling would never have been possible if I and my husband had not taken those risks of starting our life from scratch in a new city and even living apart for jobs in different cities. But in the end, it was worth it. Although, I cannot even imagine living away from my husband ever again in the future, taking risks is what makes a life worth living.

Planning a huge trip as always seems to be more fun than simply buying the travel packages. The excitement of researching about a new country, its culture, places that are world famous, the famous cuisines of the country region wise is all that matters. After that, I go into even more details about the kind of hotel and what kind of view from my hotel room I need. Every day planning the trip in small portions is what that gives me an adrenaline rush. We booked our hotels, train tickets, ferry tickets and air tickets after days of research and planning. I had no idea that we will be taking a rental car in Europe and taking our own European road trip on one of the most beautiful coast lined roads in the world.


Coming all the way from India to Rome was in itself so exciting. My fellow window seat passenger was glad that I didn’t sit on her lap to click the aerial views while flying above Abu Dhabi. Not to forget was the tasty food that we were offered by the flight crew that included white and red wine, some cheese filled recipe and an amazing super delicious truffle and cheese filled dessert. We landed at 1 pm in the afternoon in Rome. Without any grand welcome into the city which we would get in any travel packages, we proceeded to find our hotel. It took us roughly 2 to 2.5 hours to find our hotel. We felt handicapped as our phones were not working. As soon as we brought a local phone sim, which we brought after roaming at least for 2 hours near Colosseum, we found our hotel.

After resting in our hotel, we went out in the evening to fulfill our appetite for Italian pizza, pasta and wine of course. As soon as we stepped out, we could see the Colosseum looking much more amazing at night. After strolling on Roman streets and eating the best pasta I have ever had I felt so lucky and blessed.

Next day, we were ready with our list of places that we wanted to visit. As our hotel’s location was just in front of Colosseum, we covered all the famous spots by walking on foot. On the way, we were able to spot a beautiful bride in a wedding gown, the world’s most expensive shopping brands lined in the beautiful market streets of Rome, a person dressed as a statue of liberty and we were able to indulge in shopping. After visiting Colosseum and Trevei fountain, we found a beautiful mall for scrumptious breakfast. We sat on Spanish steps and calmly absorbed the vibe of this beautiful city. Clicked some mandatory photos and then continued walking back towards the hotel. Guys! If you are in Rome, then you cannot miss eating Gelato with cream. We first indulged in shopping and then after returning to the hotel, we started planning to visit Vatican City.

If you want to explore the rich history and culture of Rome, then this place is a must. The beautiful paintings on the walls depicting the life story of Jesus and the versatile art of Roman ancestors are simply breathtaking.



2. Amalfi and Positano Road trip

img_1015img_1024img_1247img_1281img_1300img_1305img_1334img_1649As we had booked our Eurorail passes from India itself, we were not worried about our bookings and all. However, we were supposed to get these passes activated. Believe me guys! U need to take out separate time for this task as it was a tiring work. In our case we were lucky as our train 🚞 was late that day so we managed to stand in que and got the tickets activated. However, by the time we reached Amalfi coast we got another surprise!! I had booked the hotel in the country side and that place was too far from the main city of Naples and required a separate rain to reach there. We were exhausted by the time we reached Ascea. The only good thing of this day was our beautiful hotel. The views from my room balcony were breathtaking. The sunset 🌅 and the vast sea 🌊 visible from the room along with trains passing between the beautiful houses with red rooftop. All this along with the hospitality of the staff made my day.
Next morning we were determined to not waste a single second. After getting an amazing breakfast we got our train to Naples. As soon as we landed there, we checked for the rental car 🚗 services. It was not preplanned that we will do a road trip to amalfi coast and positano. But thanks to my amazing husband we rented an amazing car and started our first Italian road trip. The journey was incredible. Serpentine roads and continuous sea views on the other side as we had seen in movies. I could not believe that I was actually there and not seeing a movie. Sometimes we spotted people taking individual helicopter 🚁 rides in these areas and some travellers were going by buses. We felt lucky to get a car for fulfilling our road trip dreams. We reached the most beautiful positano. We enjoyed the mandatory Italian pizza 🍕 with lemoncello shots while gazing at the sea lined by ancient houses on the adjacent hill. A painter was painting this amazing view on a canvas standing on the beach. Some were just relaxing, some were going on a boat tour to capri and most were enjoying the delicious Italian food.

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